“Sawyer shoved her keys into her pocket and ran. She was scared breathless by the time she skidded to a halt at the rear of the vehicle. Her heartbeat was wild in her chest. It was a struggle to hold it together, but she did...at least until the paramedic opened the rear door of the ambulance and she caught a glimpse of the straps that held Amber to the gurney. With clenched fists, she catapulted over the edge. “What the hell?” Her eyes glared fury. “You get those fucking straps off my sister.”

Spit splattered on the paramedic’s face. She looked up but didn’t remove the straps or engage Sawyer.

Amber surged. She twisted, struggled, and jerked frantically against all her restraints until one loosened. As quick as a flash of lightning, she had a grip on the paramedic’s waistband. The woman gently pried her fingers loose and her partner re-secured the strap.

“Your sister was swinging and clawing like that when we got to the school this morning,” the paramedic said. “She had those school folks scared half to death.” The woman met Sawyer’s gaze. “We had to strap her down for everyone’s safety.” She gave the gurney strap an extra tug. “Don’t worry, they’ll give her something pretty soon. It’ll settle her right down.”

Sawyer looked away from the paramedic, trying to hold onto her sister’s gaze. Amber’s wild frenzy, most likely psychosis, made her look so much older than her 35 years. They were identical twins, and yet at this moment, Amber didn’t even look like Sawyer’s distant relative. She was virtually unrecognizable to her, even though she’d seen her just yesterday. A wave of nausea overtook Sawyer as she flashed back to all they’d been through together—their secret— their shared experience." -- Sawyer James in Coming to Terms 

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